“One needs new words to describe Pamela -- as she is truly unique and extraordinarily talented. Her ability to actively listen to the clients’ needs and to challenge new ways of thinking sets her apart from the rest.  Her writing is remarkable. She can make you laugh, bring brands to life, and clarify the most complicated products with ridiculous ease. She is an artist in the world of business, and I recommend her full heartedly.”

-   Erica Scott, CMO, BLEND

 “Pamela is one of those few talented professionals who can both define a communication strategy and then see it through to a perfect execution. At Bricsnet, we had the challenge of completely re-branding the company while streamlining the entire product line, and she has executed it meticulously. Pamela's writing is superb and she can do it all - from public relations to managing an advertising campaign that is memorable years later. She knows how to build a devoted team of talents in house and she is superb at directing and managing an agency. I'd hire her again anytime for any challenging marketing project!”

-  Yoav Etiel, former CMO Bricsnet and Bentley Software

"Pamela helped us uncover gaps in our processes, people, and programs that immediately improved the effectiveness of our global sales and marketing efforts. I highly recommend her to any company that is seeking to leverage the best of what they have to offer the marketplace." 

-       Philip Nicol, COO, Sibelius 

"Clarity! Focus! Enthusiasm!  Pamela was like rocket fuel for our leadership and board. She helped us home in on our real value to the market, and developed a compelling communication strategy that made all of us incredibly proud (again) to be doing what we do. Hire her immediately!" 

      - Tracey Tucker, MA, Executive Director of New Heights 

"When I started the Center for Public Integrity, I had an extremely clear mission and vision. What I needed was the structure to translate that into action. Pamela helped mobilize employees, get funding, and educate the public by articulating and clarifying objectives, setting goals, making plans, and managing the communication process in the very early, very critical, days of our organization.”

-  Charles Lewis, Founder, Center for Public Integrity

“Pamela’s enthusiasm and top-notch skill in leadership and facilitation have been invaluable in Arts in Reach brand development, board facilitation & strategy. We now have a phenomenal brand and an entire community that has come together to help us reach our goals. We can’t say enough about her ability to get us all motivated and moving in the same direction!” 

-  Darcy Horgan, Board Chair, Arts in Reach 

"I've been working with Pamela for many years and on every collaboration, she never ceases to amaze me with her brilliance and charm. She has a way of connecting with people that not only helps them improve their organization but makes them better people. She digs deep to get to the heart of what an organization or individual needs, and then tirelessly works to help them reach their goals. Her authenticity, creativity and wit are why we look to Pamela time and again to get the job done. She has an amazing ability to get people to step out of their comfort zone, find their truth and then realize success as a result of her strategic guidance and flawless execution of their communications." 

- Elise Weeks, Founder, Pixels & Pulp

"I consider Pamela a valued colleague in my network. Her creativity and strategic vision brought inspiration and energy to our marketing team. She completely transformed the profile of our team within the organization and worked closely with Directors to help embed marketing principles into overall business planning. Throughout my time working with Pamela, she challenged me to think differently and supported my team's ideas in building our skills and expertise. I look forward to the day we can work together again." 

- Carrie Ann Nash, Marketing Executive, Clean Energy Technologies

"I had the good luck to hear Pamela speak at a conference for entrepreneurs.  She spoke about authenticity in management and marketing, and I was completely inspired to get back to my office and start growing my business. Her perspective was fresh and very new to me, and gave me the framework I needed to take on my next big thing."

- Anne Freeman, Founder, The Simple Acorn 

“I can’t say enough good things about Pamela.  From creating a company name that really captured our value, to helping us launch our business and brand, she gave us the framework and foundation we needed to hit the ground running.”

- Bob Faw, Founder, The Matchbox Group 

“As a wealth management organization, we are unmatched at managing our client’s investments. This unwavering focus meant we weren’t spending the time we needed to talk to the market. Pamela helped us rebrand ourselves, package our funds, organize our materials, and helped us attract new clients and improve communication with our existing clients.”

- Margery Parker, Baldwin Brothers Investment